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Certainty: The Fool’s Drug of Choice

A couple weeks ago, I posted this on Facebook. Certainty is a small warm cocoon that feels so good, until we realize how it cuts off learning, dialogue, relationship, and creativity. Courage is to break free of this small dark

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A Bricoleur Bakes

This is a story about baking a first cheesecake. But, before that, another little tale: Brad and I enjoyed a lovely breakfast this morning at BLD. Brad ate most of his “Hatch Hash,” but left virtually untouched a small pot

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Creating Flow at Work

What does your work  feel like? ☐  A. It flies by. I am totally engaged and occasionally even forget to eat or go to the bathroom. ☐  B. I’m bored, watch the clock, and can’t believe this is actually my

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Tips from a Reformed Flossing Slacker

Over the last year, I have listened and re-listened to the audio–book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg. This book has profoundly affected how I evaluate my daily activities, and specifically, how I might create habits that best serve

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